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Those Weren’t Mistakes!

[ Day 67 of 2000 ]

Confession time! Every time I see a blog post or an article about someone who is in their 30s and already retired, I feel a pang of jealousy. I know, our case is not so bad. We will be done by 42. However, I still feel like we should have done better. We have always lived our life fairly frugally – Not as frugally as we could, but compared to our income. We have always been paid very well. Why did we have to work for so long? We should have retired already.


Procrastination, Anyone?

[ Day 46 of 2000 ]

As a new immigrant, I had my concerns about the 401(K) program. First of all, I didn’t know too much about it. With all the other things going on – getting a credit card, getting a license, settling into a new position at work, that was on the back burner. Our plans at that time was to go back in a couple of years (mainly because I thought we would have to work forever in this expensive country to be able to retire here). So if we contributed into the 401(K), and had to pay 10% penalty and taxes on it, was it worth it? But then my employer matched up to 6% of the pay. Did I want to waste that? I wasn’t eligible for the 401(K) program for the first few paychecks, that gave me time to make the decisions.