About Me

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

Bill Watterson

I am tired of being busy. Sure, they say that it is a matter of priorities. How come everything I really want to do are at the very bottom of the list then?

I am throwing in the towel. I am done. Or rather, I will soon be – in May 2023. 2000 more days to go. I will be 42, and I am retiring. I would like to say “come hell or highwater”, that is how I honestly feel. But let’s put it this way – I am not going to continue working after that point without putting up a huge fight.


For what it’s worth, both me(BusyMom) and my husband(BusyDad) are software engineers, and we have a great son (GBoy) who is now 9. We live in Massachusetts.

I know a lot of us are in my shoes. You spend the bulk of your day dealing with your day job, and then come home to drive your kids around or get something edible. Days, weeks, months, pass by. You miss your friend’s birthday – not because you don’t remember that it is on April 16th. But because you didn’t realize that it was already April. You realize that you still didn’t see daylight even though the summer had made an appearance and you are already into fall. And one day, you suddenly realize that your baby is now 9 years old. Where did the 9 years actually go? GBoy reminded me today that he had just 5 years left to get to high school. 5 years? But he is still a baby!!

I now realize where the 9 years went. I was busy getting releases out, solving bugs that I introduced because I didn’t have time to stop and think, and driving him to soccer matches. I don’t think I actually watched a single one of those matches. I haven’t checked what others are up to on Facebook. I turned off all the notifications on WhatsApp because I just couldn’t deal with all my friends having time to actually forward nonsense to me.

Part of it is self induced. I took on optional responsibilities because I thought I had to do my part. Like the school PTO. I should drop some of the items that I have signed up for. I think the best thing to drop will be my job. That takes up most of the time.

To be honest, I am good at what I do. And I get paid pretty well. But just because I am good at something and I get paid well for that, I shouldn’t have to do it for the rest of my life. Especially because I get paid well for that.

We are starting now. We have about 5.5 years (2000 days) to get to the point where what we have should last for the rest of our lives. This blog is going to cover my thoughts and fears as we go through this journey. And of course all the ideas – many of them not practical – that I am going to think of. Wish us luck!

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