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Buy Nothing Challenge Update & Jan 2018 Expenses

[ Day 81 of 2000 ]

My first update on how the Buy Nothing Challenge has been going! I have decided not to buy anything for a whole year.

It was hard. There have been times when I really wanted to buy something, but I have avoided temptations for the most part. I had to go to Michigan on work, and forgot to take any hats. It was cold (ok, I am used to the cold, but I usually have a hat when it is cold!) and I came really really close to buying one. If I had noticed a shop while I was busy shivering, I may have given in. But the key part is, I didn’t.


Did You Start Spending Now That Stocks Are Doing So Well?

[ Day 77 of 2000 ]

I am well aware of what the stock markets are doing right now. Before I started the blog, and actively tracking it, I would have had no idea. I update that tracker on the right side every Monday. We just had a week where neither of us got paid, and our net worth still went up by about $5971.88 in a week. Isn’t that awesome?

It is very likely that you have seen similar increases in yours. Are you doing anything about it? Like, say, spend more?

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Financial Independence? Early Retirement? Does Your Spouse Agree?

[ Day 70 of 2000 ]

Mine doesn’t! Not completely, any way.

If you and your spouse cannot agree on something, that is a great thing! It is your chance to iron out deficiencies in (maybe even your) understanding, and raise concerns.

Let’s go back in time. December 2015. My office had shutdown for the holidays, and BusyDad was at work. Browsing aimlessly, I stumbled upon the site that changed my life. Mr Money Mustache’s blog. Until then, I had this vague idea that we are saving more than half of what we get – so we should be able to live for at least as many years as we worked. That was still too long. Especially considering that we had just saved for 2 years by then.

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Those Weren’t Mistakes!

[ Day 67 of 2000 ]

Confession time! Every time I see a blog post or an article about someone who is in their 30s and already retired, I feel a pang of jealousy. I know, our case is not so bad. We will be done by 42. However, I still feel like we should have done better. We have always lived our life fairly frugally – Not as frugally as we could, but compared to our income. We have always been paid very well. Why did we have to work for so long? We should have retired already.

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Shave A Year Off Your Mortgage – Just $3,600 Could Save You $8,000!

[ Day 63 of 2000 ]

We made the decision of paying off our mortgage before we retire. We make extra payments towards our mortgage to achieve this. But is this a good move?

Strictly speaking, you are better off not paying anything more than you have to, towards your mortgage (or any other low interest loan). If you have the discipline to invest that money, that is!

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Buy Nothing in 2018 Challenge

[ Day 60 of 2000 ]

I am scared of no challenge! So when the Happy Philosopher asked if anyone wanted to participate in the buy-nothing-for-a-year challenge, I decided to accept it. Without considering my current wardrobe situation. Wise decision? Not so sure. Hard-to-follow decision? For sure!