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Costly Phone Plan? We Moved To Google’s Project Fi

[ Day 74 of 2000 ]

I was interested in Project Fi from the moment I heard that it had launched. The selling point? I only had to pay for the data I used! I spent most of my time at home, office, or at a place that had free Wi-Fi (the doctor’s, indoor soccer place, coffee shops, hotels,… ) and not too much of my data.

Buy Nothing Challenge 2018, Frugal Living, Saving Money

Buy Nothing in 2018 Challenge

[ Day 60 of 2000 ]

I am scared of no challenge! So when the Happy Philosopher asked if anyone wanted to participate in the buy-nothing-for-a-year challenge, I decided to accept it. Without considering my current wardrobe situation. Wise decision? Not so sure. Hard-to-follow decision? For sure!