Celebration Time!

[ Day 102 of 2000 ]

Yes! The days count finally got to three digits! When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would continue for 2000 days no matter what. But as usual, there was one loophole I didn’t think of. I didn’t promise myself how frequently I would post something. And guess what, I thought of that in December, while I was posting thrice a week and barely managing to make it. I told myself then that I would take it down a notch, and re-evaluate when I got to a hundered days. I am finally here, and it is time to make some changes. And acknowledge the help and support I have had. First and foremost, a big Thank You to all my readers. You are the reason I am still here.

As part of the celebration, I have put together a post that is actually a jumble of things – just like my thoughts. I start off with a story I heard as a kid, explain a change I am planning to make to this blog, go through a few thoughts on what a hundred days of blogging taught me, and conclude with a list of blogs that I read regularly. As usual, I am looking for feedback from you. I am anyway putting in a lot of effort – let me know how I can make it of better value to you.


Book Review: The Economists’ Diet

[ Day 98 of 2000 ]

I have been struggling with my weight ever since GBoy was born. Every now and then, I try to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but haven’t got there yet. Considering that GBoy is now 9 years old, and I initially wanted to lose only 18 lbs, that should not have been hard. Instead, when I checked my weight (after avoiding the scale like a plague for a while) in December 2016, I had over 60 lbs to lose. My highest weight ever! I did lose about 30 of those last year, and have kept most of it away for the last six months. That is the closest I have got to success so far.

To be honest, I spent most of those 9 plus years trying to lose weight. I have tried WeightWatchers twice, and a lot of calorie counting. Like I said, instead of losing 18 lbs, I gained a lot more. I have read countless weight loss books, and concluded that I had a propensity to be obese, that my metabolism was probably very slow. After all, I walk about 15,000 steps every day and eat pretty healthy. I did that even as I was gaining all that weight.

girl who hates her job

Do You Hate Your Job, But Have To Stick To It?

[ Day 88 of 2000 ]

A few years back, I would wake up on Monday mornings with a sickening feeling in my stomach. I realized that I had started hating Mondays. A couple of years later, I realized that I was getting depressed every Sunday evening – Just because the next day was a Monday. It got worse – I started feeling bad starting Sunday mornings.

For the last two years, I have been actively looking for a solution. I read a lot on the internet, and read books about it. I have spent a lot of time thinking about my different options. Unconsciously, I have been working on this post much before I even considered starting a blog.

These are the questions I asked myself, and the conclusions I got to. Hope it helps you too.


Confession: We Didn’t Decorate Our House This Christmas!

[ Day 42 of 2000 ]

Before I start, I want to wish you a very very happy Christmas! We have been enjoying Christmas in spite of not decorating our home, and hope you are doing the same – enjoying, I mean!

Not decorating our home for Christmas was a hard decision to make. It wasn’t for the money – Our electricity bill never went up a lot in December. I knew that I wasn’t going to save any money by not decorating the house. I saved something else – my sanity.


The One Reason To Upgrade Your Smartphone

[ Day 22 of 2000 ]

I wasn’t planning on writing an entry today, but this article on AndroidAuthority got me all riled up.

When I swipe left on my Android phone, Google shows me a bunch of articles that it thinks will interest me. This one popped up today, and got me thinking. To quote directly from the article, “But as contracts with wireless providers become less common and we’re no longer bound by a two-year upgrade cycle, how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade?”

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