How This 9 Year Old Saved Up More Than Most Americans

[ Day 28 of 2000 ]

About GBoy – He is a typical 9 year old – He loves soccer, reading and video games, not necessarily in that order.

When he was around 5 or 6 years old, I introduced the concept of getting paid for chores. To be honest, that didn’t go very far. We had to revise our tactics – we introduced allowances. We told him that we were going to stop buying all toys, and would pay him instead. That way, he could decide what he wanted to spend the money on. He was delighted – Half the things he picked up were vetoed by us prior to that, because we thought it was not worth the money. Now there was nothing to stop him from buying anything he wanted. We told him that every week, he would be paid an amount equal to his age.

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The One Reason To Upgrade Your Smartphone

[ Day 22 of 2000 ]

I wasn’t planning on writing an entry today, but this article on AndroidAuthority got me all riled up.

When I swipe left on my Android phone, Google shows me a bunch of articles that it thinks will interest me. This one popped up today, and got me thinking. To quote directly from the article, “But as contracts with wireless providers become less common and we’re no longer bound by a two-year upgrade cycle, how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade?”

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Expense Tracking

Excuses, Excuses! Our November Expenses

[ Day 18 of 2000 ]

And that is what I am going to do now – Explain away all the money we spent in November.

Did you know that it is really hard to start saving in November? I started paying attention to our finances on November 14th. It was going pretty well, and then it was Black Friday. And Cyber Monday. Looking at all the deals around me, I suddenly remembered that I wanted a new set of Dining table/chairs, new benches for the mud room, a new Instant Pot (even though I already have one). BusyDad realizes that our TV is too small. Luckily, we didn’t buy everything. Now the next goal is to get through Christmas without buying all the items we managed to not buy.

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Where Are We Now?

[ Day 4 of 2000 ]

On Day 1, we talked about how we would need a million dollars to retire. And I announced that we would be doing that in 2000 days. BusyDad was not keen on putting our financial details on the internet because he doesn’t want people to know we are “rich”. I didn’t want it out there because reaching a million dollars in 2000 days will seem impossible once I tell you how much we have right now. Especially when we take into account how long it took us to make what we now have.

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