Hi, I’m Julia


My goal is to provide a safe space where women can come as they are and support one another through life’s ups and downs. A safe haven where we may go to our history for insight into our present-day problems without being stuck there. I hope it’s a hopeful place. A haven of dignity, bravery, support, and honesty. A place where everyone is free to express themselves and where everyone is heard.

And yet, even the most imperfect of things may be beautiful.

I’ve spent a good chunk of my life looking for answers. If you want the truth. With the intent of discovering its significance. Seeking insights on the challenges we face in this world. I want to embrace their efforts to help me develop into a better, stronger, and braver version of myself. In the end, it was my faith that set me free, and that faith was surprisingly tied to the beat of my footsteps. Running provided me with a form of healing — and a new way of life — that I had not anticipated when tragedy and loss left me alone and rebuilding my life. I learned from it how to go in life.

Reading my blog is like having a front-row seat as I document my journey toward a more authentic way of living. In order to learn and grow, one must be willing to attempt new things, accept failure, and keep trying until one succeeds. This means spending time with the people I care about most, my loved ones. Natural environments, physical activity, and my children’s untainted insight have all been invaluable sources of education for me. Being a good lover, extending grace, and having the courage to dream and pursue them are all signs of a fulfilled life.

It is my passion to empower women to find their strength. I believe that in order to find freedom we must give voice to the experience of our past, but then we need to move free from it. To pursue our dreams we must accept and face our fear, and do it anyway. Often our strength is hidden there; where our greatest hurts meet our deepest fears. And when we accept our story for what it is, and not what we wanted it to be, then we get the power to write the ending. We get to decide how far it propels us forward to the life we were created to live. A better future will find us but we have to be ready. We’ve got to be willing to MOVE.

Thursday, Mar 23, 2023